capsule filling machine size 1 is suitable for hospitals, pharmacies and other places, and can fill small-capacity capsules. Its characteristic is that the filling head part adopts needle design, the filling volume can be adjusted freely, and the operation is simple and convenient.

400 Holes - Capsule Filling Machina - size 1

400 Holes - Capsule Filling Machina - size 1

【Get Creative with Custom Capsules】:Our 400-hole home capsule filling machine allows you to get creative with your supplement creation, enabling you to combine different ingredients and dosages for personalized results.

【Simplify Your Supplement Routine】:Say goodbye to the hassle of manual capsule filling with our efficient and user-friendly 400-hole capsule filling machine, designed to simplify your supplement routine.

【Precision and Consistency】:Our 400-hole capsule filling machine offers unparalleled precision and consistency in your supplement creation process, ensuring that each capsule is filled accurately every time.

【Safe and Durable Design】:Crafted with top-quality materials and advanced technology, our 400-hole capsule filling machine is built to last and is completely safe to use, making it an ideal choice for health enthusiasts.

【Versatile and Affordable】:Our 400-hole capsule filling machine is a versatile and affordable tool that allows you to create your own customized supplement

The main components of the machine include:

  1. Filling head: Needle-type design, the filling volume can be adjusted freely.
  2. Delivery mechanism: used to deliver the capsules to the bottom of the filling head.
  3. Control system: used to control the opening and closing of the filling head and filling speed and other parameters.
  4. Liquid level sensor: used to detect the position of the capsule in order to control the opening and closing of the filling head.
  5. Rack: used to support the entire filling machine.

When in use, place the capsule on the conveying mechanism, and the control system controls the opening and closing of the filling head according to the set parameters. After filling the capsule to the preset capacity, the control system will automatically close the filling head to complete a filling process.

There are many manufacturers of capsule filling machine size 1, including:

  1. Shanghai Yihe Industrial Co., Ltd.
  2. Quanzhou Haixing Packaging Equipment Factory
  3. Huangshi Gold Packaging Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  4. Laiyu Guanyu (Shenzhen) Machinery Co., Ltd.
  5. Dezhou Ruixiang Machinery Co., Ltd.
  6. Hunan Runda Machinery Co., Ltd.
  7. Zhengzhou Yitai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  8. Changzhou Aupeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., etc.