According to public data, the size of the manual capsule filling machine 000 is 21-22 cm, the weight is 0.88kg, the control mode is manual, the function is a 100-hole manual capsule filling machine, and the applicable capsules are 000#.

capsule filling machine 000

Where can I buy capsule filling machine size 000

You can find capsule filling machine 000 size in the following ways:

  1. Factory direct sales: Some capsule filling machine manufacturers will sell their products directly. You can find out how to buy and prices by visiting their official websites, contacting their sales team or calling their contact numbers.
  2. B2B trade platform: There are many suppliers offering capsule filling machines on many B2B trade platforms (such as Alibaba, Global Sources, Made-in-China, etc.). You can use the search function of these platforms, enter relevant keywords such as "capsule filling machine" and "000 size" to find suppliers that meet your needs.
  3. Industry exhibitions: Attend relevant industrial exhibitions or trade shows, these exhibitions usually have capsule filling machine demonstrations and sales. At the exhibition, you can directly communicate with suppliers, observe equipment, and obtain detailed product information and quotations.
  4. Distributors/Agents: Some capsule filling machine manufacturers may sell through distributors or agents. You can find out whether there is 000 size capsule filling machine, and get relevant quotation and purchase information by contacting your local distributor or agent.

Remember, before purchasing a capsule filling machine, carefully consider your needs and budget, compare with multiple suppliers, and make sure to choose a reliable supplier with a good quality product.