Size 00 capsules, which are commonly used for encapsulating supplements or medications, have a typical capacity to hold approximately 600-800 mg of powder or granulated substance. However, it's important to note that the actual capacity may vary depending on the density and specific characteristics of the material being encapsulated.

If you are planning to fill size 00 capsules with a specific substance, it is recommended to consult the substance's packaging or consult a healthcare professional or pharmacist for accurate dosing information and guidelines. They can provide specific recommendations based on the substance you intend to encapsulate and the desired dosage.

Top 4 size 00 capsules mg manufacturers

There are several reputable manufacturers and suppliers that produce size 00 capsules for various industries.

Here are a few well-known manufacturers of size 00 capsules:

  1. Capsugel (now known as Lonza Capsules and Health Ingredients): Capsugel is a prominent manufacturer of empty capsules, including size 00 capsules. They offer a range of capsule materials, colors, and customization options.

  2. Qualicaps: Qualicaps is a global manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade empty capsules. They produce size 00 capsules and other sizes using high-quality materials.

  3. ACG Worldwide: ACG Worldwide is a leading supplier of empty hard capsules, including size 00 capsules. They provide capsules with different formulations and customization options.

  4. CapsCanada: CapsCanada is a trusted supplier of empty capsules, including size 00 capsules. They focus on delivering high-quality products for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

  5. Roxlor LLC: Roxlor is a manufacturer and supplier of empty capsules for the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. They offer size 00 capsules in various materials and colors.


When looking for a manufacturer of size 00 capsules, consider factors such as quality certifications, customization options, production capacity, and customer reviews. It's recommended to reach out to these manufacturers directly or explore their websites for more information on their products, services, and distribution channels.