Hard gelatin capsule machines play a pivotal role in encapsulating active ingredients with accuracy and reliability. As you navigate through the myriad of options available,

let us introduce you to the top 10 hard gelatin capsule machines, highlighting YITI’s exceptional solutions that redefine encapsulation excellence.

Capsule Filling Machine - size 00 - 100 holes
  1. YITI HGC-1200 High-Speed Capsule Filler:
    The YITI HGC-1200 stands out for its remarkable speed and precision, capable of filling up to 1200 capsules per minute with unparalleled accuracy. Its advanced dosing system and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for high-volume production facilities.

  2. YITI HGC-800 Automatic Capsule Filling Machine:
    Designed for versatility and efficiency, the YITI HGC-800 offers automated operation and adjustable settings to accommodate various capsule sizes and formulations. Its compact footprint and robust construction make it ideal for small to medium-scale production lines.

  3. YITI HGC-300 Laboratory Capsule Filler:
    The YITI HGC-300 is the epitome of precision and reliability in laboratory-scale encapsulation. With its precise dosing mechanism and interchangeable parts, it allows researchers and developers to produce consistent results for formulation testing and small-batch production.

  4. YITI HGC-600 Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine:
    Combining ease of operation with cost-effectiveness, the YITI HGC-600 offers semi-automatic filling capabilities suitable for medium-scale production environments. Its ergonomic design and quick-change parts facilitate efficient capsule filling with minimal downtime.

  5. YITI HGC-1500 High-Capacity Capsule Filling System:
    Engineered for maximum throughput and efficiency, the YITI HGC-1500 is capable of handling large-scale production demands with ease. Its modular design and customizable features allow for seamless integration into existing manufacturing processes.

  6. YITI HGC-400 Benchtop Capsule Filler:
    The YITI HGC-400 is a compact and portable solution for small-scale encapsulation needs. Despite its size, it offers precise dosing and filling capabilities, making it an ideal choice for research labs, pharmacies, and specialty production facilities.

  7. YITI HGC-1000 Double Loading Capsule Machine:
    With its innovative double-loading design, the YITI HGC-1000 doubles production efficiency without compromising on accuracy. Its dual filling stations and advanced control system ensure consistent capsule quality and uniform dosing.

  8. YITI HGC-700 Encapsulation System with Tamping Device:
    The YITI HGC-700 is equipped with a built-in tamping device for enhanced powder compaction and capsule uniformity. Its servo-driven technology and programmable controls offer precise filling and sealing for optimal capsule integrity.

  9. YITI HGC-500 Liquid Capsule Filling Machine:
    Designed specifically for liquid formulations, the YITI HGC-500 delivers accurate dosing and sealing of liquid-filled capsules. Its gentle handling and leak-proof sealing mechanism ensure product stability and shelf-life integrity.

  10. YITI HGC-200 Manual Capsule Filling Tool:
    Ideal for small-scale production and R&D purposes, the YITI HGC-200 offers manual capsule filling with precision and ease. Its simple yet effective design allows for quick and efficient encapsulation of powdered formulations.

As you embark on your journey to select the best hard gelatin capsule machine for your manufacturing needs, YITI stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry. With a wide range of innovative solutions tailored to different production scales and requirements, YITI’s capsule filling machines deliver unmatched performance, reliability, and efficiency. Invest in YITI’s cutting-edge technology and elevate your encapsulation processes to new heights of success.