There are many manufacturers of pill and capsule filling machines. The main domestic manufacturers include Haishilong, Haimingyang, Lujishi, Zhongtai, etc. The products of these enterprises have stable and reliable performance, easy operation and convenient maintenance, and can satisfy different users. demand.

400 Holes - Capsule Filling Machina - size 0

400 Holes - Capsule Filling Machina - size 0

  • 【Get Creative with Custom Capsules】:Our 400-hole home capsule filling machine allows you to get creative with your supplement creation, enabling you to combine different ingredients and dosages for personalized results. 
  • 【Simplify Your Supplement Routine】:Say goodbye to the hassle of manual capsule filling with our efficient and user-friendly 400-hole capsule filling machine, designed to simplify your supplement routine. 
  • 【Precision and Consistency】:Our 400-hole capsule filling machine offers unparalleled precision and consistency in your supplement creation process, ensuring that each capsule is filled accurately every time.


  • 【Safe and Durable Design】:Crafted with top-quality materials and advanced technology, our 400-hole capsule filling machine is built to last and is completely safe to use, making it an ideal choice for health enthusiasts.


  • 【Versatile and Affordable】:Our 400-hole capsule filling machine is a versatile and affordable tool that allows you to create your own customized supplements and medications, saving you money and giving you complete control over your health and wellness routine.

Among them, Haishilong pill capsule filling machine is one of the domestic well-known manufacturers of pharmaceutical packaging equipment. Its product performance is stable and reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain, and is deeply loved by users. Haishilong pill capsule filling machine has different specifications and models such as single head, double head and multi head, which are suitable for drug packaging in different scenarios and dosage ranges. In addition, the products of domestic enterprises such as Haimingyang pill capsule filling machine, Lujishi pill capsule filling machine, and Zhongtai pill capsule filling machine also have high cost performance and market competitiveness.

In addition to domestic companies, some well-known foreign companies also produce pill capsule filling machines, such as Festo in Germany, ABB in Switzerland, and Eaton in the United States. The products of these enterprises are in the leading position in the world in terms of performance, quality and technical level, but the price is relatively high, which is suitable for users who need large-scale production and high performance requirements.

In general, when choosing a pill and capsule filling machine manufacturer, it is necessary to comprehensively consider multiple factors such as product performance, price, and after-sales service, and choose an enterprise with good reputation and market reputation to ensure the quality and stability of pharmaceutical packaging. and the safety and sustainability of pharmaceutical production.

What is the Pill Capsule Filling Machine?

Pill capsule filling machine is an automatic pharmaceutical packaging equipment, which is used to automatically pack pharmaceuticals such as capsules or pills into pre-designed capsule shells.

There are two types of common pill capsule filling machine equipment: single head and double head. The single head pill capsule filling machine is suitable for filling small doses of pills, and the double head pill capsule filling machine is suitable for large-scale production. According to the rated production capacity of the pill capsule filling machine, it can be divided into various specifications such as 50-150 pills per minute, 200-300 pills per minute, and 50-250 pills per minute.

The main components of the pill capsule filling machine include capsule filling head, transmission system, control system and capsule shell recovery system, etc. Among them, the capsule filling head is composed of capsule drug inlet, filling port and drug outlet. The transmission system is composed of motor, reducer and screw rod. The shell recovery system is composed of a capsule shell recovery port and a capsule shell recovery device.

The working principle of the pill capsule filling machine is to drive the capsule filling head to rotate through the transmission system, push the capsule or pill into the filling port, and then control the position and speed of the capsule filling head by the control system to accurately fill the medicine inside the capsule shell. During the working process of the pill capsule filling machine, it is necessary to pay attention to ensure that the quality of the medicine and the filling volume are accurate, and to clean up the residual medicine and impurities on the equipment in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and the quality of the medicine.