Manual Capsule Filling Plates are used as follows:

400 Holes - Capsule Filling Machina - size 1

  1. Capsule loading: Put the capsules into the frame of the arrangement plate, then pick up the body plate and the arrangement plate and swing left and right, the capsules will fall into the body plate one by one, and when they are full, pour the excess capsules through the gap in the frame of the arrangement plate out.
  2. Install the capsule cap: replace the capsule body with the capsule cap, and perform operation 1.2.
  3. Capsule body powder filling: Use a balance to weigh the powder (granules), take back the body plate with the capsule body, put the powder on the body plate, scrape the body plate back and forth with a powder scraper, and wait until the powder is filled , scrape off the excess powder on the body.
  4. Capsule body and capsule cap lock: align the side of the middle plate without gaps (1# is the side without grinding holes on both sides) and place it on the cap plate, so that the cap opening just installed on the cap plate is higher than the cap plate surface. Part of it enters the hole in the middle plate, and then the two plates are turned 180° together, aligned and placed on the body plate and gently pushed back and forth a few times, the cap opening of the capsule is slightly combined with the body opening, and then the whole set of plates is turned over so that the cap plate is facing down , the body plate is upward and then pressed firmly. After it is pressed to the bottom, turn over the capsule plate, remove the cap plate, take out the middle plate, and pour out the locked capsules from the middle plate.
  5. After filling, use a sterile gauze to drop a little liquid paraffin and rub repeatedly to ensure the capsule shell is clean.

The above is how to use the manual capsule filling machine, I hope it will be helpful to solve your problem.