0 size capsule machine

According to the information I know, the capsule machine has different models and specifications, among which 0# is the smallest capsule, and 4# is the largest capsule. Therefore, the external dimensions of capsule machine 0# may not be unique and need to be determined according to specific models and specifications.

Here are some possible sizes:

  • 0#: 1000×500×950mm
  • 1#: 1000×600×1100mm
  • 2#: 1000×550×1050mm
  • 3#: 1000×600×1100mm

It should be noted that the above dimensions are for reference only, and the actual dimensions may vary with different manufacturers and models.

Best 8 capsule machine0 manufacturer in China

0 size capsule machine manufacturer

There are many manufacturers of 0# capsule machine, the following are some common manufacturers:

  1. Ruian Leimai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
  2. Guangzhou Chendiao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
  3. Guangzhou Leimai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
  4. Guangzhou Mingyue Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
  5. Weihai Kanggou Trading Co., Ltd.
  6. Shandong Yuxintang Brand Management Co., Ltd.
  7. Wenzhou Huale Machinery Co., Ltd.
  8. Nanjing Waller brand

It should be noted that the above information is for reference only, and specific manufacturers and models may vary in different regions and markets