Here are a few online shops known for providing empty capsules:

empty capsules online

Empty Vegetarian Capsules - Size 00 - 1000 count

  1. Capsuline: Capsuline offers a wide range of empty capsules in various sizes and colors. They are known for their quality and customization options.

  2. The Capsule Machine: This online shop specializes in capsule-filling machines and empty capsules. They provide tools to make the capsule-filling process more efficient.

  3. Capsule Depot: Capsule Depot offers an extensive selection of empty capsules, including gelatin and vegetarian options. They are recognized for their variety and quality.

  4. Capsule Supplies: With a focus on providing high-quality empty capsules, Capsule Supplies offers both gelatin and vegetarian options in various sizes.

  5. BulkSupplements: While primarily known for their bulk supplements, BulkSupplements also offers empty capsules for those looking to create their own supplement blends.

  6. Mountain Rose Herbs: This shop is known for its organic and sustainable products. They offer vegetarian empty capsules as part of their herbal and wellness offerings.

When choosing an online shop for empty capsules, consider factors such as capsule type (gelatin or vegetarian), size options, customer reviews, pricing, and any additional products or services they offer. Always ensure that the shop you choose provides capsules that meet your specific needs and quality standards.