Here are some manufacturers that produce 00 size capsule filling machines:

00 size capsule filling machine manufacturer

100 Holes - Capsule Filling Machina - size 00

  1. SaintyCo: SaintyCo is a manufacturer focused on pharmaceutical and food processing equipment. They offer several models of capsule filling machines including equipment for 00 size capsules. SaintyCo's products are recognized for their high efficiency, stability and advanced technology.
  2. LFA Machines: LFA Machines is a pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment company, they manufacture various models of capsule filling machines. Their device works with capsules of different sizes, including size 00. LFA Machines offers a variety of options to meet customer specific needs.
  3. ACG Pam Pharma Technologies: ACG Pam Pharma Technologies is a global leader in the provision of pharmaceutical equipment and solutions. They offer a full range of capsule filling machines for various capsule sizes including 00 size. ACG Pam Pharma Technologies' products are widely recognized for their innovation, quality and reliability.
  4. Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.: Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in manufacturing packaging equipment. They offer fully automatic capsule filling machines that can accommodate different sizes of capsules including 00 size. Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.'s equipment is efficient and stable for mass production.
Please note that specific manufacturers and device models may vary by time and region. It is recommended that you conduct further research and consultation before selecting equipment, contacting multiple manufacturers for technical specifications, after-sales service and prices of their products, to ensure that you choose the 00 size capsule filling machine that best suits your needs.