The Function of Each Part of a Capsule Filling Machine

A household capsule filling machine is a device used to fill capsules in a home or small laboratory environment. It typically includes a body plate, a capping plate, a frame plate, a middle plate, and a tamper. By using a household capsule filling machine, users can make capsules according to their needs, which is especially convenient for people who need to take a certain dose of medication. In addition, a household capsule filling machine is also commonly used to make dietary supplements and herbal formulations.

Functions of the Parts:

Body Plate: Capsules are divided into two parts, BODY and CAP. The body plate holds the BODY in place and prevents it from shaking during the filling process.

Capping Plate: The capping plate holds the CAP part of the capsule.

Frame Plate: The frame plate guides the capsule smoothly into the body plate and the capping plate during the filling process.

Middle Plate: The middle plate holds the CAP in place while the capping plate is being turned over.

These are the four basic parts of a capsule filling machine. With these four parts, even without other accessories, you can fill capsules of the corresponding size.

Tamper: The tamper presses down the medication and reduces gaps between the medication.

Spill Guard: The spill guard prevents medication waste and contamination during the filling process.

Powder Spreader: The powder spreader ensures that the medication is distributed evenly into each capsule during the filling process.

The above three accessories are designed to increase efficiency and reduce waste. However, they are not necessary for every capsule filling machine.


It is recommended to wear gloves when filling capsules to prevent damage to the capsules, which can dissolve when exposed to heat.

The capsule filling machine must correspond to the empty capsules, and different sizes of empty capsules require the use of corresponding capsule filling machines.

It is best to use one capsule filling machine for one type of capsule to prevent medication residue.

Capsules should not be stored for long periods of time. When storing them routinely, the BODY and CAP should be closed to help preserve the empty capsules.