First and foremost

Your empty capsule size.

This is most important if you choose a capsule filling machine that is not the same size as your empty capsules. Well, no matter how good this capsule filling machine is, it is useless.

The size gap between capsules of different sizes is very large.

Second point

How many capsules do you need to make.

If you need to fill tens of thousands or more capsules, then you need a professional automatic capsule filling machine. Of course, the price of such a machine is very expensive. If you need to fill thousands of capsules for sale, then you can choose a 400 holes capsule filling machine. If you just use it yourself, then your best choice is the 100 holes capsule filling machine. Of course, if the quantity is very small, then you don't need a capsule filling machine.

Third point

Precision, Manufacturer of Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule filling machine is a very precise tool, each hole needs to be accurate and suitable, the hole is too big or too small will affect the capsule filling process. Here, I recommend YITI's capsule filling machine.

Every product sold by YITI capsule filling machine will be inspected by both manual and machine when it is finished.