Hello everyone, in this article I will briefly introduce common capsule filling machines.

We often say that there are two main categories of capsule filling machines, one is a small household capsule filling machineand

the other is a fully automatic large capsule filling machine.

what is the automatic capsule filling machine?

First of all, let me briefly introduce the fully automatic capsule filling machine. This is a large-scale machine, mostly used by pharmaceutical companies. It can automatically complete the capsule positioning, separation, filling, locking and other actions. The medicine and a sufficient number of empty gelatin capsules of the corresponding model, the automatic capsule filling machine will start to work by itself, and can be set according to the quantity you want, the speed is very fast, and it can fill about 10,000 capsules per hour. This requires very professional knowledge of pharmacy and corresponding mechanics, so I won’t introduce it in detail here.

what is the capsule filling machine for home use?

Next, I will focus on the capsule filling machine for home use. Household capsule filling machines can be divided into glass and ABS according to the material. Due to the inconvenience of transportation, the widespread use of transparent empty gelatin capsules and transparent empty vegetarian capsules, glass has gradually been phased out, and only some medical laboratories are still using it——transparent capsule filling machines are easier to observe when paired with empty capsules of other colors and fine-grained operations. The capsule filling machine made of ABS is now widely used, and the common colors are green, blue, and black.

Compared with the glass capsule filling machine, the capsule filling machine made of ABS is not easy to be damaged during transportation, and Easier to handle when using clear empty capsules. Of the three colors, blue is the best, because blue has the least amount of medicine. The capsule filling machine can also be divided into 24 holes, 64 holes, 100 holes, 200 holes and 400 holes according to the filling quantity, among which the 100 holes capsule filling machine is the most commonly used.

The capsule filling machine is distinguished according to the corresponding empty capsule model, which can be roughly divided into several sizes: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Of course, each size can be subdivided, but due to the used The situation is relatively rare and will not be described in detail. Size 0 and size 1 are more commonly used in Asia, and size 00 and size 0 are more commonly used in the United States.

How to distinguish the quality of a capsule filling machine?

There is only one requirement: whether the capsule can be perfectly stuck in the machine. Here I would like to recommend our YITI capsule filling machine. Our capsules have undergone thousands of tests and adjustments to ensure that each hole corresponds to a capsule, which can be snapped in tightly, ensuring that the capsules will neither shake nor It won't fit in, helping you fill every capsule.