Product Detail: Empty Pill Capsules
Brand Name: Yiti
Available Sizes: 0/00/000/1/2/3

1. Size 0 Empty Pill Capsules:

  • - Brand Name: Yiti
  • - Size: 0
  • - Material: High-quality pharmaceutical-grade clear gelatin
  • - Features: Provide a convenient and easy way to encapsulate and consume various powders, herbs, supplements, and medications in a controlled dosage form.
  • - Usage: Suitable for encapsulating powdered ingredients or custom formulations, especially those requiring smaller capsule sizes.
  • - Quantity per Bottle: Typically contain around 500 empty capsules.

2. Size 00 Empty Pill Capsules:

  • - Brand Name: Yiti
  • - Size: 00
  • - Material: Premium clear gelatin of pharmaceutical quality
  • - Features: Designed for ease of use and reliable encapsulation of powdered substances in a safe and controlled manner.
  • - Usage: Ideal for encapsulating a wide range of ingredients, from dietary supplements and vitamins to herbal powders and other health-related formulations.
  • - Quantity per Bottle: Usually packed with approximately 500 empty capsules.

3. Size 000 Empty Pill Capsules:

  • - Brand Name: Yiti
  • - Size: 000
  • - Material: Transparent and odourless gelatin capsules, made using high-quality raw materials.
  • - Features: Constructed to withstand the encapsulation of potent or large quantity substances efficiently.
  • - Usage: Recommended for encapsulating bulkier powders or ingredients where a larger capsule size is necessary.
  • - Quantity per Bottle: Generally comes with around 400 empty capsules.

4. Size 1 Empty Pill Capsules:

  • - Brand Name: Yiti
  • - Size: 1
  • - Material: Made using pharmaceutical-grade gelatin.
  • - Features: Easy-to-swallow size, ideal for encapsulating different types of medications, supplements, or herbal remedies.
  • - Usage: Suitable for individuals who prefer smaller capsule sizes or require precise dosage requirements.
  • - Quantity per Bottle: Typically contains around 800 empty capsules.

5. Size 2 Empty Pill Capsules:

  • - Brand Name: Yiti
  • - Size: 2
  • - Material: High-quality, hypoallergenic gelatin that ensures stability and efficacy of the encapsulated ingredients.
  • - Features: Provide a medium-sized capsule option suitable for various applications, including encapsulating vitamins, supplements, or herbal extracts.
  • - Usage: Commonly used for encapsulating powdered or granulated substances for easy ingestion.
  • - Quantity per Bottle: Generally packed with approximately 650 empty capsules.

6. Size 3 Empty Pill Capsules:

  • - Brand Name: Yiti
  • - Size: 3
  • - Material: Premium-grade gelatin, sourced from reputable suppliers for optimal quality and performance.
  • - Features: Designed for efficiency and precision, enabling accurate encapsulation of dietary supplements, medications, or personal formulations.
  • - Usage: Suitable for encapsulating dry powders or granules for easy consumption.
  • - Quantity per Bottle: Typically filled with about 500 empty capsules.

Please note that the quantities mentioned are approximate and can vary depending on the manufacturer's specifications. Yiti empty pill capsules are designed to provide a reliable and convenient solution for encapsulation needs, ensuring the safe consumption of desired substances in controlled dosages.